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Hey hello and welcome to this free basic course to make your own sushi at home. This is the one and only training you want to take if you want to start making that delicious sushi. A training that covers all the elements of making sushi in a fun and relaxed way.

My name is chef Rik. I take you step by step into the Japanese kitchen and I teach you how to make super tasty sushi rolls.  You will become a star in the kitchen and drive all your family and friends crazy with delicious sushi. Trust me!

Culinary art form

When you think of sushi, you think of Japan. The land of the Rising Sun where this culinary art form originated. The island kingdom of Japan is surrounded by seas full of various types of fish, which taste fantastic together with the unique short-grain rice grown on the land. Thus, in Japanese kitchens, this unique combination was born.

That delicious rice, that fresh fish from the sea, that pure taste of both ingredients coming together. That is what defines sushi and that is why the whole world has embraced this delicacy.  We have not only embraced sushi, but also enriched it with several great recipes such as the California roll and the Philadelphia roll which both originated in the North America.

My Story

I myself became fond of this Japanese delicacy and always watched with fascination the arts in the kitchen by the various sushi chefs. I was struck by the passion and elegance with which they conjured up true pieces of art on my plate. With utter precision, they cut their fish with razor-sharp samurai-like kitchen knives and, together with the rice, created an impressive dish that made my taste buds explode.

I was so impressed by this that I wanted to learn this myself to share this Japanese food culture with my family and friends. This is a passion that has led to many wonderful evenings at our kitchen table. The enthusiasm about my sushi art was so great that several friends asked me if I could teach them. No problem of course and I have already taught many friends how to make sushi.

I really enjoyed doing this myself and in the end it resulted in this School of Sushi, with which I want to take everyone into the wonderful world of sushi and sashimi.

What am I going to teach you?

In this basic course I will explain to you what various different types of sushi, such as the nigiri, the maki and the uramaki are. You will learn very quickly what these types of sushi are exactly and what you need to make them yourself at home.

In order to make sushi, you need certain tools and equipment. Together we walk through this material and I tell you which items you absolutely must have in your kitchen to be able to make sushi. For example of what knives you should use, what that bamboo mat is for, to explain what a Hangiri is and what you use it for.

I will also tell you what kind of rice you need, how best to cook it and how to further prepare it so that you get that great real taste of sushi rice. I also tell you which ingredients you should use.

Of course I will also take you through the basic technique of making a sushi roll, so you can already take the first steps towards a complete sushi menu!

Let’s get started!

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