Check out the most frequently asked questions about the School of Sushi’s online video courses here. All the answers can be found here!

What do I get when I purchase a course?

You get the video training consisting of x number of chapters and x number of lessons. This varies for each training. This is indicated for each training.

All School of Sushi video courses are offered in razor-sharp 4K Ultra HD. The videos are offered streamed and can be viewed on all Windows laptops and computers, on Apple computers and laptops, Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

We recommend a broadband connection for streaming the videos.

Yes, you can. All videos are shot in razor sharp 4K Ultra HD and therefore the quality remains good when viewed full screen.

Click on a video to make it play and at the bottom right you will see icon with 4 arrows. Click that and your video will be shown full screen.

No, we do not send files or DVDs. Through the Internet, you can access your training on (almost) any device. You can take your course anywhere if you are connected to the Internet. 

All your purchased video training courses can be found under the ‘My Account’ menu. There you will find an overview of your trainings and their progress. 

You must be logged in to see this. Login via the login screen.

Log in with your username and password.  Go to “My Account” and click on the course you purchased. From there, you will access each chapter and lesson of the course.

You will receive a certificate when you have reviewed all chapters and lessons. Once you complete your course, you will receive a certificate.

If you have earned a certificate, you will find it under the My Account menu item. From there, you can download and/or print your certificate.

Having a problem with your account or with playing your videos? Please send an email to rik@schoolofsushi.nl

I have a question about my account

It is not possible to change your username.

Make sure you are logged in. Then go to the menu item ‘My account’. At ‘Account information’ change your password.

Go to the login screen and under the login screen click on the link to “Forgot your password? Enter your username or email address there. You will receive a link via email to set a new password.

These can be found under the menu item ‘My account’. Under ‘Orders’ you will find the corresponding invoice.

Check your email program’s spam box. Perhaps the email ended up there.

Below every School of Sushi newsletter is an “unsubscribe” link. Click that and you will be unsubscribed and no longer receive newsletters.

You can, however, continue to take your courses.

I have a question about School of Sushi

The School of Sushi is an initiative of Rik Keijzer. A true lover of Japanese cuisine who can tell you all about it.

Not at the moment, but there are plans ready to do so soon.

You can reach Rik at:

Phone: +31 (0)6 12 91 44 99
E-mail: rik@schoolofsushi.nl

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