All services provided by School of Sushi, located in Amersfoort, The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce number 28109089, are subject to the following terms and conditions when entering into video training purchases.

Article 1. Definitions

  1. Client: the natural person or legal entity, with whom School of Sushi enters into an agreement regarding participation in a course.
  2. Course participant: the natural person who actually participates in the course on behalf of the client.
  3. Online training : E-learning, seminar, webinar, online training, online course, online workshop, with the purpose of imparting and/or increasing knowledge and/or skills.
  4. Terms and Conditions : the present general terms and conditions.

Article 2. Applicability

  1. The terms and conditions apply to all tenders, general offers, (legal) acts, agreements and the like of School of Sushi, regardless of whether they are related to, or follow from, tenders, general offers, (legal) acts, agreements and the like that have already been made.
  2. Registration for an online video training implies acceptance of the applicability of these terms and conditions.
  3. Changes or additions to the terms and conditions must be explicitly confirmed in writing by the course participant.
  4. Applicability of general terms and conditions of the client is excluded insofar as they conflict with these terms and conditions.

Article 3 Registration and confirmation

  1. The Client may register himself or a student of his choice via the School of Sushi website for participation in a training course.
  2. By registering for a training course, the Client accepts the applicability of these general terms and conditions without reservation.
  3. Agreements between the Client and School of Sushi are only established if the registration is confirmed by School of Sushi to the Client in writing or digitally.
    School of Sushi has the right to refuse a registration without giving reasons.
  4. Student receives a login code that provides access to a personal environment within which the video training(s) can be unlimited. This environment is strictly personal and may not be shared with third parties without permission.
  5. If School of Sushi notices that this happens, a copyright violation will be filed which can lead to a fine for the client.

Article 4. Pricing

  1. Registration takes place by completing the form through the School of Sushi website. Prices are as listed on the Internet at the time of registration.
  2. Course prices include the cost of course materials unless otherwise stated.
  3. When registering for a course using the registration form based on a mailing, the prices are as stated in that mailing.
  4. Prices are subject to change based on unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Prices will be adjusted in case of changes in the VAT regime and/or the level of applicable VAT rates.

Article 5. Cancellation/modification/payment.

  1. Payment follows immediately after registration via the website.
  2. After payment, client receives personal login codes and can follow the video training in a personal environment.
  3. Should there be any technical problems with the login or the environment, the client must notify info@schoolofsushi.nl by e-mail within 7 working days.
  4. It is not possible to cancel the purchase of an online video training course.
    In no case will the purchase amount be refunded unless School of Sushi itself determines otherwise.

Article 6. Liability

  1. School of Sushi is not liable for any damages caused by or related to participation in a course of School of Sushi unless School of Sushi can be blamed for intent or gross negligence.
  2. If School of Sushi does become liable for any damages at any time despite the provisions of paragraph 1, it shall be limited to a maximum of the invoice amount.
  3. Indirect damages will not be compensated.
  4. Participation in training is entirely at your own risk. Each participant voluntarily chooses to participate in the training and the activities within the training.
  5. School of Sushi has only an obligation of effort and no obligation of result.
  6. School of Sushi can in no way make statements or guarantees about possible results from participation in trainings. Any examples about possible results during trainings are only illustrative and do not bind School of Sushi in any way.
  7. Trainers and employees of School of Sushi maintain a high ethical standard and will give a realistic picture of the content of the trainings to the best of their ability.
  8. Participant remains at all times personally responsible for the results.
  9. If and insofar as School of Sushi proves to be liable for any damage, the compensation for that damage is always limited to direct personal injury and property damage insofar as that can be attributed to School of Sushi. School of Sushi is never liable for any consequential damages.

Article 7. Intellectual property

  1. The course materials provided become the property of the client. The intellectual property rights regarding the course, the course materials and any other documents/products related to the course are reserved by School of Sushi.
  2. Without express written permission from School of Sushi, the client is not entitled to disclose, exploit or, in any way, reproduce data from and/or portions and/or excerpts of the course materials provided.

Article 8. Applicable law

  1. Dutch law applies to all offers, general offers, (legal) actions and the like of School of Sushi and agreements between School of Sushi and the client.
  2. All disputes that arise between the parties as a result of an offer, general offer, (legal) act, agreement and the like, to which these terms and conditions apply or as a result of agreements resulting from these terms and conditions, will be brought before the competent court in The Hague, the Netherlands, unless otherwise required by law.
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