Hello, journalists and editors!

Are you looking to spice up your coverage on the world of sushi? Look no further! As a sushi aficionado and expert, I am excited to offer my knowledge and expertise to help bring your stories to life.

From the history of sushi to the latest trends and innovations, I have a wealth of information and insights to share. I am passionate about this cuisine and believe that it is important to educate and inspire others about the art of sushi.

I am available for interviews, articles, and other media opportunities to help you create compelling and informative content. Whether you need a quote or a feature piece, I am happy to collaborate with you and share my love and knowledge of sushi.

Together, we can explore the many facets of this beloved cuisine, from traditional nigiri to creative rolls and everything in between. Let’s work together to uncover the beauty and complexity of sushi, and share it with your audience.

Whether you are working on a print article, a TV segment, a radio show, or a podcast, I am willing to collaborate with you and help you create a powerful piece of journalism. I am available for phone or video interviews, on-location visits, and even guest writing or speaking engagements.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact me today and let’s start working together to create impactful and informative content that your audience will love. 

Please contact me at 0031 6-12 91 44 99 or send an email to


I am regularly featured in online media, food blogs and vlogs, radio, television, newspapers, magazines and trade publications. It’s really fun to work on those. Below is a listing of the most recent publications, audio and video.

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