Welcome to my online cooking academy! My name is Rik and I would love to take you step by step into the delicious Japanese cuisine and enthusiastically introduce you to the beautiful culinary world of sushi, sashimi and Poké Bowls. 

My Story

I myself also became fond of this Japanese delicacy and always watched with fascination the arts in the kitchen by the various sushi chefs. I was struck by the passion and elegance with which they conjured true pieces of art on my plate.

With utter precision, they sliced their fish with razor-sharp samurai-like kitchen knives and, together with the rice, created an impressive dish that made my taste buds explode.

Chef Rik - School of Sushi

I was so impressed by this that I wanted to learn it myself to share this Japanese food culture with my family and friends. Through watching countless sushi videos, many culinary websites to various Japanese cookbooks. I devoured everything and sushi making really became a passion of mine.A passion that made for many wonderful evenings at our kitchen table. The enthusiasm for my sushi skills was so great that several friends asked me if I would teach them how to make sushi. No problem of course and I have already explained to many friends how to make sushi.

I enjoyed doing this myself and it has now resulted in this School of Sushi, with which I want to enthuse everyone about this culinary delicacy through fun courses, recipes, tips & tricks. 

My personal life

Born and raised among the colorful tulips in the Bollenstreek region in the Netherlands. Now living in the middle of the country in the city of Amersfoort together with my wife Corinne Keijzer and our three sweet cats Senna, Maui and Khaleesi (Yes, I loved Game of Thrones!). Avid lover of parties, festivals and great eating out with friends.

Not only do I love sushi and Japanese cuisine, but I am also completely in love with Asian cuisine. I love those delicious dishes from Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam (to name a few).

Besides cooking and eating, I have another passion: traveling. Together with my wife Corinne, I enjoy other cultures and other surroundings. Whenever possible, we hop on a plane on our way to a new adventure. Our favorite countries so far are Australia, New Zealand and Polynesia where we enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon. The Australian Outback has tremendous appeal to us. In 2019, we drove thousands of kilometers in a 4×4 with camper trailer right through this unique area. A fantastic experience. I have completely taken that country into my heart.

At the end of the Gibb River Road, over 600 km of dirt road in the Australian Outback
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