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Wow! How awesome! My website School of Sushi has been included in’s list of the best online sushi classes. A big “thank you” to the creators of for recognizing my School of Sushi’s dedication to providing exceptional virtual sushi making experiences. This recognition serves as a wonderful testament to my dedication and passion for sharing the art of sushi making with enthusiasts around the world.

A humble journey to excellence:

My journey from School of Sushi has been one filled with passion, determination and a drive to provide the best possible sushi education. From the moment my website was launched, I wanted to create a platform that would not only teach the techniques of sushi making, but also inspire a love for this culinary art form.

Therefore, it is quite an honor for me to be listed by with the best virtual sushi making classes. I seriously feel very honored that School of Sushi is recognized among other esteemed providers in the industry.

Review at

“School of Sushi offers one of the best free online sushi classes. The course serves as a guide for beginners to make excellent sushi rolls and rice. Aside from cooking instructions, you will also get a list of all ingredients and equipment you need to make your own sushi at home.

After taking the course, you can try making different sushi, ranging from gunkan to nigiri. School of Sushi’s free course can also help you improve your knife skills. The tutorial explains the best knives and techniques for properly cutting sushi. This free sushi lesson is perfect if you plan to host a sushi dinner party for families and colleagues. The course explains the essentials you need to organize this kind of party.”

Thank you to

My sincere thanks to the creators of for deeming my School of Sushi worthy of this recognition. Their comprehensive evaluation and recognition of my efforts naturally fills me with a sense of pride and motivation to continue delivering excellent sushi classes. has established itself as a reliable platform, providing valuable resources and recommendations to individuals seeking high-quality virtual experiences. Being on their list exposes my school to a wider audience, giving me the opportunity to share the joy of sushi making with even more aspiring chefs and sushi lovers.

Looking ahead:

The recognition of School of Sushi on’s list of the best virtual sushi making classes is really awesome and a great incentive to continue innovating and refining my website! Lots more cool projects coming up! Stay tuned!

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