What is a maki sushi?

Wat is een maki (sushi)?

A maki is a delicious piece of sushi where sushi rice is rolled up in a sheet of Nori seaweed along with fresh raw fish, seafood or vegetables. The maki is one of the best known and especially loved types of sushi. Everyone knows this form of sushi and it is incredibly popular. Maki sushi is therefore widely eaten in sushi restaurants around the world.

Maki Zalm – Komkommer

Maki literally means “to roll” and it is also a sushi what you make by rolling. It is sushi rice along with one or two ingredients which is wrapped by a nori seaweed skin. Maki sushi is also often the very first sushi people try to make themselves in the kitchen at home along with the famous nigiri.

Hoe rol je je eerste sushi

The 5 most popular maki sushi listed:

Maki sushi is incredibly popular and loved by many sushi lovers. As such, this sushi is a standard item on the menu at every good sushi restaurant. Every sushi chef has their own preferred ingredients for these delicious maki.

The five most popular maki sushi I list here for you.

01 Maki Salmon (Sake Maki)

Maki Sake

The Maki Salmon Rolls are familiar to everyone and are the most recognizable form of Sushi. I also call it “the entry-level model” of sushi. It is often the first piece of sushi you eat when you first enter a Japanese restaurant. This maki is easy to make ánd it’s just so delicious!

This maki is a classic roll of delicious sushi rice filled with raw fresh salmon and wrapped in a nori sheet. The fresher the salmon, the better your sushi!

The Salmon Maki is regularly found on the menu under its Japanese name: Sake Maki. 

02 Maki Cucumber(Kappa Maki)

There are many different sushi rolls that feature cucumber as an ingredient. And for good reason, of course. The delicious fresh and crunchy taste of cucumber goes perfectly with that of sushi rice. This maki with cucumber is very easy to make and often a great favorite with children. 

The Japanese name for this maki is Kappa Maki. So the next time you see this name on the menu, you know that this is the delicious maki cucumber.

03 Maki Tuna (Tekka Maki)

Japanese love tuna. No people in the world feel more love for this graceful fish than the Japanese. Japanese eat more tuna than anyone else, so there are countless sushi rolls with tuna as the main ingredient.  And, of course, there is also a maki with tuna. The full flavor of fresh tuna, along with a little rice and a flavorful nori sheet is a great taste sensation.

Today, this delicious roll is loved all over the world and eaten in abundance. Just dip your Tekka Maki (the Japanese name) in a little soy sauce and enjoy! 

04 Maki Japanese Omelet (Tamago Maki)

Maki Tamago (ei)

Oh, that delicious taste of Tamago, or Japanese omelet, is enjoyed every time. It is often eaten loose as a dessert in Japan, but it also fits great in sushi. The omelet is sweet, has a light texture and does well as a topping on a nigiri sushi or, as in this case, as part of a maki.

A Maki Tamago is a delicious change from all the maki with fresh fish. That’s why I always order one roll of this sweet treat when I eat at a sushi restaurant.

05 Maki Salmon with Cream Cheese

Maki Zalm – Roomkaas

Salmon and cream cheese. What a blissful combination! Especially in the United States, they love it. That is also where this combination of fresh salmon with Philadelphia cream cheese in a maki was invented.

This taste sensation fits great in sushi and you often see several rolls on the menu at well-known sushi restaurants. It is also incredibly popular with children who appreciate the taste of Philadelphia cream cheese. 

Highly recommended to try. Order it the next time you go out for sushi or make it yourself in your own kitchen!

How do you make a maki?

Making a maki is not difficult in itself if you know what ingredients and tools you need and where to buy them. Really anyone can make them at home. 

Have you become enthusiastic about the maki and would like to make them yourself? Then start quickly with my ‘Basic sushi making course’ in which I teach you how to make these delicious makis (and many other sushi) yourself. 

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