What is an uramaki sushi?

Uramaki sushi (also called “inside out roll”) is a sushi roll made of sushi rice, filling and a sheet of nori seaweed, rolled so that the nori is on the inside and the rice is on the outside.

The filling often consists of 2 or 3 different ingredients. On top of the rice you will often find Massago, Tobiko or sesame seeds.

How did the first "inside out roll" come about?

The first inside-out roll was invented not in Japan, but in the Canadian city of Vancouver, and that was namely the famous California Roll.

The California Roll is one of the most popular sushi rolls that came over from the US. This sushi roll is so popular that it is now standard on every sushi menu. In the 1970s, this delicacy was invented in the city of Vancouver, Canada, by Japanese chef Hidekazu Tojo.

Hidekazu noticed that his customers did not like the raw fish and seaweed traditionally used in sushi. So he decided to make some adjustments and turn the roll inside out to hide the black seaweed. Many of his customers were from Los Angeles and they loved this roll. That’s why this sushi roll was named the California roll. The first “inside out roll” (Uramaki) was born and revolutionized the sushi world.

Today, Uramakis are a staple on the menu of every sushi restaurant and new delicious varieties are constantly being created!

Uramaki Tonijnsalade

How do you eat an Uramaki sushi?

An uramaki is usually served with a little wasabi, some soy sauce and slices of pickled ginger. Since with an uramaki the rice is on the outside, I recommend eating it with chopsticks (chopsticks), otherwise your hands will soon be covered in rice grains. In fact, these stick pretty badly. 

Dip a piece a very small amount into the soy sauce so it doesn’t overpower the flavor of your ingredients. The idea is to eat the uramaki in one bite. This is because the chef has gone to great lengths to melt all the ingredients together into one true flavor explosion.

Between pieces of sushi, take a small slice of pickled ginger to neutralize the taste in your mouth. That way, you’ll taste the ultimate flavor at the next sushi.

Wat is een uramaki sushi?

How to make an Uramaki 'inside out roll'?

Do you also want to know how to do this? Then start soon with my “Basic Sushi Making Course” in which I teach you how to make these delicious rolls. Not only will you then learn how to make these Uramakis, but I will also explain how to make your makis, nigiris, gunkans and much more!

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