Dutch Wasabi: Elevate Your Sushi Game with Their Fresh Wasabi

Fresh wasabi is incredibly difficult to find outside of Japan. But luckily, I found out that in the Netherlands, in the famous Westland region, there is a grower who has taken on the challenge of growing wasabi. In 2016, Sander van Kampen started his company Dutch Wasabi and became the first person in the Netherlands to start growing wasabi, a plant that presents many challenges. I paid him a visit in his greenhouse and returned to my kitchen full of enthusiasm!

Dutch Wasabi's own greenhouse

Why Fresh Wasabi is the Best

When it comes to sushi, fresh ingredients are essential for achieving the perfect balance of flavors. And when it comes to wasabi, nothing beats the taste and quality of fresh wasabi. Unlike its common counterpart, the green paste often served at sushi restaurants, fresh wasabi is a culinary gem that elevates the entire sushi experience. Its vibrant green color, distinct aroma, and intense heat make it a must-have ingredient for sushi lovers who seek authenticity and exceptional taste. Dutch Wasabi understands the importance of fresh wasabi and is dedicated to bringing this exquisite ingredient to your home kitchen.

Why Fresh Wasabi is Hard to Find Outside of Japan

Fresh wasabi has a reputation for being elusive outside of Japan, making it a rare find for sushi enthusiasts around the world. This is primarily due to the specific conditions required for its cultivation. Fresh wasabi is a delicate plant that thrives in cool, shaded environments with abundant water supply. It takes years of patience and expertise to grow the high-quality rhizomes necessary for making fresh wasabi paste. Additionally, the limited shelf life and the difficulty of exporting fresh wasabi further contribute to its scarcity. However, Dutch Wasabi has managed to overcome these challenges, ensuring that sushi lovers can savor the authentic taste of fresh wasabi.

Wasabi farm in Japan
Wasabi farm in Japan

The Story of Dutch Wasabi

Dutch Wasabi is a company born out of a passion for bringing the true essence of Japanese cuisine to the world. Founded by Sander van Kampen, Dutch Wasabi set out on a mission to source and deliver the finest quality ingredients directly from Japan. Not only does Sander grow wasabi, but also myoga, shiso and ginger and he has his own webshop filled with top quality Japanese products. 

“I've always had a love for creating something that can amaze or surprise someone, whether it's taking a photo or selling a product. Growing a standard product such as a tomato would not suit me, I am not driven by that. I wanted to do something that people would admire. In addition I found it extremely motivating that people said it would probably not work out.”

He found a grower in England and got his first wasabi plants there, which he placed in a small greenhouse in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, Sander sought information everywhere and learned everything about growing this Japanese plant. He found a way to grow the plants, in the most sustainable way possible, with clean and mineral-rich water. After much trial and error, he found the right method and in 2018 there came the first modest harvest.

Today, Sander grows his Dutch Wasabi in a larger greenhouse and the harvests get better and bigger every year. Every year he makes strides forward and that is wonderful to see. The passion also radiates from Sander when you talk to him.

“I am very proud of where we are now. We have more and more great products that are running well and several more special new products in the pipeline. “We see ourselves as the Japanese/Asian kitchen garden for (home) chefs.”

Through his dedication and expertise, Dutch Wasabi has succeeded in offering many (sushi) chefs a taste of authenticity and a touch of culinary excellence.

All Sushi Chefs Should Use Fresh Wasabi

For sushi chefs, the use of fresh wasabi is not just a preference but a mark of distinction. The unique flavor profile of fresh wasabi enhances the taste of each sushi roll, allowing the delicate nuances of the fish and rice to shine through. The heat from fresh wasabi is more complex and refined compared to the generic green paste commonly used. It lingers on the palate, offering a harmonious balance of spiciness and subtle sweetness. Sushi chefs who prioritize quality and authenticity turn to Dutch Wasabi to ensure that their creations deliver an unforgettable dining experience.

Endorsement Dutch Wasabi

Dutch Wasabi has revolutionized the world of sushi in the Netherlands by making fresh wasabi readily available to sushi enthusiasts and professionals alike. Even though it is still on a small scale at this point, the beginning has been made. With his commitment to sourcing only the finest ingredients and his dedication to preserving the authenticity of Japanese cuisine, Dutch Wasabi has become already a trusted name in the culinary world. Whether you’re a sushi aficionado or a budding sushi chef, Dutch Wasabi is your gateway to the vibrant flavors and remarkable quality of fresh wasabi. Elevate your sushi game and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates tradition and indulges your taste buds. Order some fresh wasabi at their website: https://www.dutchwasabi.nl/en/

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