Eating out got too expensive? Make your own sushi!

Many people are facing cutbacks due to all the high costs. Gas, energy, gasoline, groceries, everything has become more expensive but you still want to eat good food. Instead of ordering or eating out, you can do it yourself and save up to 80% of your costs. For this reason, Rik Keijzer devised the School of Sushi, the very first online academy that introduces you (for free) to this Japanese delicacy via online video training. Getting guests, having something to celebrate, looking for something fun to do with the kids or want to impress your date? Go make sushi!

Uit eten te duur geworden? Maak zelf je sushi!

Anyone can prepare sushi on their own.

This is not only super fun to do but also much easier that you think. Using a tablet or smartphone, let the videos play while you stand in the kitchen and mimic it. First you’ll get an explanation of the basics: what rice do you use and how to prepare it properly, what types of nori sheets do you have, what types of fish can you use, what knives and what utensils do you need. Then you will start rolling yourself and with the videos you will get all kinds of tips and tricks and of course countless creative ideas to put something nice and tasty on the table.

Uit eten te duur geworden? Maak zelf je sushi!

So what is sushi?

Sushi is traditionally a Japanese dish which consists of a lot of different ingredients, mainly rice, seaweed and fish but you have all the freedom to customize it to your liking. You can also make it completely vegetarian and even vegan. Whatever you like you use as an ingredient. It is also generally very healthy, except for the sauces that you can use as you wish, and you can take into account all kinds of dietary needs. How nice is that?

Try it out for free!

Want to try for yourself how easy it is to make sushi? Then start my free sushi making course right now and become a star in the kitchen. Believe me, it’s easier than you think!

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