Sushi restaurant A-Fusion in Loosdrecht, the Netherlands – our review

Sushi restaurant A-Fusion is a fantastic place on the lakes of Loosdrecht where you can enjoy delicious food in a beautiful atmospheric ambiance. On the Oud-Loosdrechtsedijk, in the Najade resort, since summer 2019 sits this establishment of A-Fusion where they have blissful sushi. But…it will surprise you which sushi roll I like best! Read on quickly 🙂 

The menu is quite extensive and not only the lover of sushi gets his/her money’s worth here, there are also countless delicious Asian dishes waiting for you. Delicious dumplings, great satays, beef tataki and also oysters with special Yuzu pearls are highlights on the versatile menu. We had the oysters as an appetizer and I must say that is a special experience along with those Yuzu pearls!

After that, we went completely for the sushi and I can already tell you that we left the beautiful premises with one big smile.

Sushi restaurant A-Fusion in Loosdrecht

Sushi you should definitely order:

As a lover of sushi, I want to try everything. And the menu at A-Fusion features a “Crispy Veggie Roll” (the green roll in the photo). A sushi roll especially for people who want to eat vegetarian. Most vega rolls I’ve come across so far are quite flat in taste and unsurprising. Until this ‘Crispy Veggie Roll’ then. WOW! 

What an insanely delicious piece of sushi you are served. Rich in flavor with ingredients like Vega spring roll, avocado and cucumber, delicious pickled rettich and topped off with aioli and yet another sauce, which looks like satay sauce, but is definitely not.

The whole thing was beautifully presented and is therefore my No. 1 of this visit. Simply because I was totally blown away by the amazing taste sensation! An example of the creativity of the team in the kitchen.

Sushi restaurant A-Fusion in Loosdrecht

On the 2nd spot of my favorites list comes the “Green Curry Salmon Roll”. I was hugely curious about this because I have also come up with a delicious sushi roll with Thai Green Curry myself and I was surprised to see a similar roll on a menu. 

A beautiful looking roll appeared on the table and where my version tastes more like Thai Green Curry, in this A-Fusion roll the coconut had the upper hand. A blissful combination along with fried shrimp and lightly flambéed salmon. Highly recommended to order! A picture for the eye and a must for your taste buds.

Sushi restaurant A-Fusion in Loosdrecht

Also, don’t forget to try number 3 on my favorites list. The delicious “Rock ‘n Roll,” an Uramaki filled with deep-fried shrimp with a topping of scallops. Add in that smooth taste of Teriyaki sauce and some chives and you have a roll you’re sure to love!

Who is Sushi restaurant A-Fusion in Loosdrecht suitable for?

The waterfront location, the menu with special sushi and the atmospheric premises pay off perfectly for a romantic evening out. If you want to enjoy a perfect night out together, A-Fusion is a good choice. Want to bet that you will go home with a big smile, just like us?

The restaurant is also recommended if you want to experience a luxurious Asian evening with a group of friends and/or family. Because luxury it certainly is, including corresponding prices on the menu. 

The restaurant itself

A-Fusion is in a beautiful building located on the Loosdrecht lakes. On weekends with nice weather, you can enjoy lunch on the spacious terrace or dine in the evening in the atmospheric restaurant full of unique Asian elements. There is even enough room for several boats to moor at the restaurant. From your boat you step right onto the beautiful terrace, where the friendly staff is waiting for you.

Sushi restaurant A-Fusion in Loosdrecht

In conclusion, Sushi restaurant A-Fusion in Loosdrecht is highly recommended as far as I am concerned! Every sushi lover is at his beck and call here, because the sushi here is truly unique. Believe me: that will be an enjoyable evening of sushi tasting. You will definitely not go home disappointed!

Bonus Tip: Do reserve a table on time, because it is a very popular restaurant!

Address sushi restaurant A-Fusion, Loosdrecht, the Netherlands

Address A-Fusion, Loosdrecht:
Oud-Loosdrechtsedijk 243
The Netherlands

Reservations: Call 035-3038171

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