Sushi restaurant Ichi-E in Amsterdam – our review

Sushi restaurant Ichi-E in Amsterdam

Sushi restaurant Ichi-E in Amsterdam is a great place to enjoy a delicious menu full of sushi, sashimi and Japanese dishes with a group of friends or family.

Located in a prime location on the bustling Arena boulevard, this restaurant is not to be missed. Surrounded by various event venues, this is the place to enjoy a delicious dinner together before heading to the Amsterdam Arena, the Ziggodome or the Pathé cinema.

Ichi-E - Amsterdam

The great thing about eating sushi, of course, is the different flavors and ingredients you can taste together. Ichi-E responds fantastically to this by offering all the sushi ordered on one large board. And not just any board, but a great looking rustic board full of all kinds of colorful sushi! You immediately feel like attacking when the serving staff arrives with this board.

Sushi you should definitely order.

There are an awful lot of delicious sushi rolls on the menu. From the familiar makis with salmon, avocado or cucumber and nigiris with tuna or salmon to very elaborate uramaki packed with ingredients.

Thus, there is literally something for everyone on the menu. A meat lover will also be in their element here, in addition to fish enthusiasts. Besides all the grilled appetizers like ribeye rolls or Japanese spare ribs (‘Butaniku’ highly recommended!), there are also sushi rolls with, for example, flambéed Wagyu beef (the ‘Wagyu Roll”) on the menu.

The’Sake Avocado‘ with buttery soft avocado in the center and a jacket of salmon tasted exquisite. So too is the “Spicy Tuna Roll. And pay particular attention to the list of the chef’s special uramaki rolls that include the “Myoshi Roll” with salmon and salmon trout caviar. Delicious!

And then I should actually mention the “Ichi-E Special Roll. I won’t reveal what it looks or tastes like. But just order it!

By the way, ordering sushi is not done through a staff member, but through a tablet what you are offered directly at your visit. In Asia this is quite common, but in the Netherlands we see it very little.

Ichi-E - Amsterdam

The easy-to-use tablet lets you scroll through all the sushi dishes offered by Ichi-E. Nicely sorted by category. So you scroll through all the makis, the nigiris and the uramakis. For each sushi, you will see pictures along with information about the ingredients what is in that particular roll.

Then it’s just a matter of clicking on what you want and hitting the order button. Then in the kitchen they get a signal and go to work for you!

You also order all your drinks this easy way. A smart move by the owner to do it this way. This is because it is a huge restaurant with several floors and so he focuses mainly on quality in the kitchen as well as in the presentation of the dishes.

Who is Sushi restaurant Ichi-E in Amsterdam suitable for?

Sushi restaurant Ichi-E is the perfect place to meet up with a group of friends or family. It is a large restaurant which is superbly set up to meet with several people at once.

We sat with a group of 5 men at a table and had more than enough room. All over the restaurant, you could also see full tables of exuberantly smiling groups of friends sitting. Therefore, it is nice and noisy and the restaurant is full of life!

Not entirely crazy when you consider that Ichi-E is located in the middle of the Johan Cruyff Arena, the Ziggodome, the Afas music hall and the Pathé cinema. So expect to see a lot of nightlife crowds wanting to grab a bite to eat before the show, concert or soccer game. This restaurant is perfect for that!

Tip: Book a table in advance

Since there are many entertainment venues here, it is also wise to reserve a table in advance. In fact, it can be quite busy here, and chances are that the restaurant will be full of happy people looking forward to a fun night out. You don’t want to be left out, so reserve a table, as we have seen sat groups turn around disappointed in search of another eatery.

In conclusion, a good sushi restaurant with a menu that will make everyone happy and where you should definitely have eaten once.

Address sushi restaurant Ichi-E, Amsterdam

Address Ichi-E, Amsterdam:
Johan Cruijff Boulevard 175
1101 EJ

Reservations: Call 0031 20-6910231

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