Sushi restaurant Kaizen Japanese Cuisine in Crans Montana, Switserland – our review

Kaizen Japanese Cuisine - Crans Montana

Wow, what an incredible experience at ‘Kaizen Japanese Cuisine‘ in the renowned Swiss ski haven Crans-Montana! Nestled in the breathtaking mountains, this gem of a restaurant is a must-visit.

Imagine indulging in top-quality sushi amid the Swiss Alps —a dream come true for any enthusiast!

Kaizen Japanese Cuisine - Crans Montana

Crans-Montana, a wonderful village!

For my 50th birthday, my wife surprised me with an unbelievable trip to beautiful Switzerland, specifically to the village of Crans-Montana. With 30 years of cherished memories in her parents’ cozy apartment, we’ve frequented this enchanting place to relish the mesmerizing Swiss Alps.

In fact, I even proposed to her in this famous ski village! So, this village holds a special place in our hearts. How fantastic that she “kidnapped” me here for my birthday? A chic village at 1500 meters, boasting ski slopes, stunning mountain lakes, enchanting forests, and an amazing atmosphere.

Kaizen Japanese Cuisine - the restaurant itself

Naturally, for my 50th birthday, my wife booked a table at a sushi restaurant. It had to be done, right? Coincidentally, Kaizen was just 500 meters from our apartment—perfect for a leisurely stroll!

The appearance of ‘Kaizen Japanese Cuisine’ is not what you’d expect from a Japanese restaurant. Why? Because it resides in a beautiful wooden Swiss chalet! The only giveaway is the logo above the door and a few Japanese lanterns hanging on the facade.

Kaizen Japanese Cuisine - Crans Montana

But once you step inside, you know you’ve landed in a Japanese restaurant. Beautiful decorations with Japanese motifs and the delightful aroma of truly good sushi rice—an ideal combination for me.

We were warmly welcomed and escorted to our table. A table with a view. And what a view! Overlooking the breathtaking Swiss Alps. Amazing!

Kaizen Japanese Cuisine - Crans Montana

Sushi you should definitely order.

What do you do on your 50th birthday at a top sushi restaurant in Switzerland? You let the chef choose for you! We were treated to a delightful menu specially curated for us. It started spectacularly: a sashimi platter beautifully presented with plenty of ‘cold ice,’ creating a mystical smoke curtain over our table. Thankfully, the smoke was not a distraction; the taste of the fish was sublime. And all of this in the Swiss Alps, far from the sea!

Kaizen Japanese Cuisine - Crans Montana

Next, we enjoyed delicious gyoza from the chef. Gyoza is a Japanese dish with dough envelopes filled with meat and various seasonings, usually pan-fried or steamed. The filling can vary, from pork, chicken, and beef to shrimp, vegetables, and herbs. Gyoza is often served with a dipping sauce of soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame oil. It’s a popular dish, both in Japan and internationally, and we certainly appreciated it. The surprise of the evening!

Kaizen Japanese Cuisine - Crans Montana

After a round of delightful makis, the house presented us with futomaki. As expected from a good Japanese restaurant, this futomaki was full of flavor.

We were then treated to a familiar dragon roll: fried shrimp with an avocado topping. Always a winner, always delicious.

Kaizen Japanese Cuisine - Crans Montana

The gyoza was the surprise of the evening… the star of the night was the nigiri salmon with truffle mayonnaise… flambeed! Yes! We were served a beautiful nigiri salmon where the server added a dollop of truffle mayonnaise, then flambeed it. It melted over the salmon, creating a unique flavor explosion when you took a bite. Fantastic!

Kaizen Japanese Cuisine - Crans Montana

Who is Kaizen suitable for?

The location with a view of the Swiss Alps, the menu full of unique sushi, and the charming ambiance make it perfect for a romantic evening out. If you want to enjoy a perfect evening together, Kaizen is the right choice. Bet you’ll leave with a big smile, just like us!

The restaurant is also recommended if you want to experience a luxurious Asian evening with a group of friends and/or family. Luxury is definitely present, including the corresponding prices on the menu. In line with the well-known Swiss prices.

But believe me, it’s absolutely worth it!

Bonus Tip: Be sure to reserve a table in advance; it’s an extremely popular restaurant! Those who reserve first get tables by the window with the beautiful view!

Kaizen Japanese Cuisine - Crans Montana

Address Kaizen Japanese Cuisine

Address Kaizen Japanese Cuisine:
route Lens-Crans 70
Crans-Montana 3963

Reservation: Call +41 275 653 380 or book through the website.

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