What is a temari sushi?

Temari sushi are small round balls of sushi rice decorated with ingredients such as thinly sliced fish (for example, salmon or tuna), avocado, cucumber, nori seaweed or fish roe (such as massago or tobiko).

You can hardly make sushi more cheerful than these balls. This colorful ball-shaped sushi is a feast for the eyes and it is the perfect sushi to serve when you are hosting a dinner party or celebration.

Wat is een temari sushi?

How do you eat a Temari?

A Temari (also called Temarizushi (手まり寿司)), just like nigiri or a maki, is served with delicious soy sauce a dab of homemade wasabi. Spicy food lovers especially love wasabi, so I always serve it with every piece of sushi.

The best way to eat temari sushi is with chopsticks. This way no rice or fish will stick to your fingers. Temari sushi are true ‘pieces of art’ and in this way you also respect the artistry and creativity of the suchichef.

Try not to use too much soy sauce as it will overpower the taste of the pure ingredients. So dip your temari only minimally in the soy sauce. It is also just a small ball, so a dollop of soy sauce is enough.

Temari Zalm

How to make a Temari sushi?

It is also the all the easiest form of sushi to make yourself at home. And I am sure it will make your guests incredibly happy, because they are little taste explosions that you are never going to forget. You don’t need much to make them. I tell you all about it in my “Basic Sushi Making Course. 

Funnily enough, you rarely see them in restaurants anymore, even though they are such cheerful colorful balls of flavor!

In any case, I find them very tasty, they look gorgeous on a table full of sushi and they are easy to make, because you don’t need a bamboo mat for this sushi either. Highly recommended!

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