What is a temaki sushi?

Temaki is sushi rolled by hand into a cone shape. Nori seaweed sheet on the outside with sushi rice, fish or seafood and other ingredients like avocado on the inside. It’s also called “hand roll” because you don’t need a bamboo mat to make this sushi. Sushi chefs make this by rolling the nori by hand.

Therefore, the word “temaki” comes from the Japanese word for Hand (“Te”) and roll (“Maki”).

Wat is een temaki sushi?

How to make a Temaki sushi?

The nice thing about making a Temaki is that it is quite simple. With a little practice, you can master making a Temaki in no time. You do need a little attention to detail and a little dexterity, but not nearly as much as for maki or uramaki rolls. This is partly why Temaki are a favorite with beginners starting out making sushi at home.

You take half a nori sheet in your hand. Place some rice in there along with your ingredients like salmon or tuna and you roll the whole thing up in the shape of a cone. And voila….your temaki is ready!

Wat is een temaki sushi?

How do you eat a Temaki handroll?

The name of the handroll says it all: Not only is it handmade, but you can eat it by hand! Chopsticks and especially knife and fork you obviously don’t use for temaki sushi. Because it is completely covered with seaweed and shaped like a cone, it is easy to eat it with your hands. 

If prepared properly, the whole thing will also not crumble or fall apart when you take a bite of it, especially if the nori seaweed is still nice and crunchy and breaks easily.

Carefully dip your temaki in the soy sauce and enjoy.

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