How many pieces of sushi per person? Here is the perfect number!

Sushi is a beloved Japanese dish that has become hugely popular around the world. With its fresh ingredients, beautiful presentation and endless flavor combinations, it is no wonder that sushi has become a staple in many households. Are you planning a sushi party at home but have no idea how much sushi to prepare per person? Or are you just curious about how much sushi to order when eating out or having it delivered? Well, that is always a tricky question.

In this article, I’ll give you a comprehensive guide to help you calculate the perfect amount of sushi for your guests. Let’s get started quickly!

Hoeveel Sushi per persoon - How many pieces of sushi per person

The different types of sushi and their portion sizes

When it comes to sushi, the first thing to think about is the type of sushi you will be serving. There are many different types of sushi, from nigiri to maki rolls to sashimi. Nigiri sushi is made by placing a small amount of sushi rice on a slice of fish, while maki sushi are made by wrapping sushi rice and filling in a nori sheet. Sashimi is simply slices of raw fish served without rice. Sashimi is much less filling than a nigiri or a maki. In contrast, futomaki and uramaki are again more filling than a nigiri. Portion sizes for each type of sushi vary, so it is important to consider what types of sushi you will serve before calculating the amount per person.

Take your guests' appetites into account when serving sushi

Another factor to consider when determining the amount of pieces of sushi per person is the appetite of your guests. If your guests are big sushi fans, you may want to prepare more than if you are serving a group of people trying sushi for the first time. It’s always better to have a little extra sushi than to run out, so consider a few extra rolls or pieces just in case 😉

I’ve had it happen a few times that my sushi was so in demand that my friends asked if not to “make one more roll. Fortunately, that’s why I always make extra rice just in case.

Hoeveel Sushi per persoon - How many pieces of sushi per person

Keep in mind your other dishes

Finally, it is important to consider the other dishes you want to serve in addition to the sushi. If you serve sushi as an appetizer for a meal, you will need to prepare less sushi per person than if you serve sushi as a main course. In addition, if you are serving other dishes that are filling or heavy, such as tempura dishes or that delicious Japanese Ramen, it is better to prepare less sushi per person.

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How many pieces of sushi per person?

So you have a number of elements to consider when making sushi. A good rule of thumb is to take 12 to 16 pieces of sushi per guest if you’re only serving sushi for dinner and nothing else. That way everyone can try a nice variety of rolls without overindulging. If you have a group of heavy eaters, you can increase this amount slightly, but keep in mind that according to the Japanese, sushi is meant to be enjoyed in moderation.

Hoeveel Sushi per persoon - How many pieces of sushi per person

Making your own sushi at home

Making sushi at home is really an incredibly fun and enjoyable experience. And anyone can organize it themselves. To get started, you need a few key ingredients, including sushi rice, nori sheets, wasabi, rice vinegar, soy sauce and some toppings of your choice. Also add some extras such as kewpie mayonnaise, mirin, wakame, bonito flakes, kombu and shichimi togarishi (Japanese seven-spice) for extra flavor and you have your shopping list all ready.

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In conclusion

So when it comes to serving sushi, there are many factors to consider when determining how much sushi to prepare per person. By taking into account the type of sushi you will be serving, your guests’ appetites and the other dishes on the menu, you can calculate the perfect amount of sushi to impress your guests and ensure that everyone leaves satisfied. But also, always ask in advance if your guests don’t like something or are allergic to something. That way you can avoid disappointment.

With these tips, you can serve sushi with confidence and enjoy a delicious meal with your friends and family. Enjoy your sushi!

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